Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay, so here are some issues that have been raised that I thought we could take a democratic approach to (now that we all know the difference between a democracy and a republic).
1. Catch-up month. Some people are still finishing the 5000 Year Leap and therefore have not yet started on November's book yet. It has been suggested that we then move mom's choice to January and use December as a catch-up month giving everyone time to participate in discussion. How do y'all feel about that?
2. Next issue, dad would like to have the month after mom (since mom is the last one, the cycle will start again with Hillary then Cami then Cali....). The constitution I so geniusly drafted does not allow that, however by vote we can overrule the rules.
Alrighty? Thanks a bunch and have a wonderful day!