Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

This is my personal Movie review, not a book vs. movie or anything like that. If you would like to comment or even post your own review on here please feel free. We welcome the opinions of all. If you have not read the book and are looking forward to seeing the film beware, there are some spoilers.

9 years ago when I saw the first Harry Potter film I was very excited to see the rest, even though book 4 had just come out. Chris Columbus was very thorough when it came to including all essential parts of the storyline. But then came Alfonso Cuaron and his interpretation of the, Prisoner of Azkaban, which was not as accurate as the previous films, and a few essentials were left out. "That's okay," I told myself, "they will make up for it in The Goblet of Fire, they have to or it won't make a whole lot of sense." How wrong I was, Mike Newell's Goblet of Fire interpretation, though thrilling, left something to be desired, including details that would later be essential, such as Bill Weasley. I had nearly given up hope that they would even get close to the being one with the books by the end of the series, but then a miracle happened and David Yates was made the director of 5, 6, and 7. He saw the essentials that were left out and managed to work them in, and everything and everyone essential that has been left out to this point was gradually introduced in the first 15 minutes of the Deathly Hallows part 1. Everything from Mundungas Fletcher, to Bill Weasley and his werewolf maimed face, and even the shard of Sirus's broken mirror. Though that last one has no explanation, and is just there with Harry.

Now anyone who has read the book knows how fast and upbeat it starts. They manage to cover the first 5 chapters in the first 15 minutes. They were even able to squeeze in some great humor of the Fred and George variety; and though those first 15 minutes include the 7 Harry's, the escape from Privet Drive, and the Fall of Mad Eye Moody, it's the lightest part of the film. The movie like the book is riddled with darkness, emphasized by the eerie compositions. The entire film changes to this feeling of darkness just after the ambush at the wedding, and I could feel my heart beating in my throat the duration of the movie even though I already knew what was going to happen. When our three heroes infiltrate the ministry, I thought that I was back at home reading the book, it was so exact in the way it played out.

In less than an hour the film has transitioned to the 200 most boring pages of the Harry Potter series ever written. Miraculously, David Yates has done it again and somehow made the most dull moments some of the most interesting. He makes 6 months of camping around the mundane British countryside go by fairly quickly. He doesn't do this through adding non-existent action or even an exciting score, but through our characters, and mostly through Ron. My favorite aspect of this film actually was Ron and how the negative and dark way he is feeling about the entire endless journey, actually makes sense to the viewer. In the book you feel like he is being stupid and angry because of the horcrux, but in the film you really feel for him and understand his broken perspective. In the previous movies you know he has feelings for Hermione, but from the get go of Deathly Hallows, it's more than that, he's in love with her and it shows, and you know that he would do anything for her. She is just too stupid too see it, which is ironic because she is such a brilliant person.
The Christmas eve in Godric's Hollow is almost exactly as the book describes. So, Cali, the snake attack will probably give you nightmares, it is way worse than the Basilisk in the Chamber of secrets. I like snakes, and I was scared.
Ron's return is one of the greatest moments in Harry Potter history. I must admit I nearly cried. It truly shows Ron's loyalty and the lengths he goes to in order to help Harry. You can see that though he was angry when he left, he really does love Harry in a way that a nerd like me can only relate to as Samwise and Frodo.
Immediately afterward, Harry and Ron take on the horcrux so Ron can kill it. Just like in the book, when the locket opens it immediately preys on Ron and shows him his biggest fears; and while in the book one of those fears was an image of Harry and Hermione wrapped around each other and kissing, in the film it's a bit more than that. Enough to make you stare awkwardly at your knees and blush.
Once the Horcrux is destroyed they continue to follow the path set by the book, to Luna Lovegood's house and learning of the deathly hallows. I won't go any farther into the film, though most know what happens next, I don't want to tell you where it ends and spoil the surprise, though I was crying at the end.

I really actually loved it. It wasn't just the epic story, or the way they told only half of it and made you feel like you had sat through a complete plotline. It was the filming style, the colorless shots that accompany Voldemort and the death eaters that we grew familiar with in Order of the Phoenix, the bright colors of the burrow and the Weasley family, and the dull shades of colors that accompany our trio of heroes. It was the scoring that set the mood perfectly, and the artistic license they took to make the film as graphic as the book feels, but more graphic than described. It's PG-13 rating was well deserved, though I wouldn't take anyone under 15 to go see it. I don't know about you, but a room covered in human blood spatters and full of buzzing flies would have given me nightmares at 13. The sight of it was enough to make me imagine a smell that nearly made me vomit. But in a twisted way I think it enhances the viewing experience, it brings to life little details that were tickling the backs of our minds while reading the book, but things we never thought about or focused on. It makes it seem more life threatening, more real, and much more involved.
The emotions run high, and the fear runs even higher. It is certain to get your heart racing and have you on the edge of your seat. It brings a whole new perspective to Harry Potter. It used to be a children's story.
By Hillary

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


After years of the msm and lefty pundits labeling him as "the worst president ever" or the "stupidest person ever", is it ironic to anyone else that George W. Bush's memoir Decision Points is the best selling book in the country right now? It sold over 220,000 copies just on its first day!
And why is it, if he's such an "evil" and unforgivable "dunce", that the media can't stop talking about the book?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here it is!! The book of the month for November! I read this book three years ago and I have been wanting to read it again. It is a good, quick read that will open your eyes and answer some of those questions that have always been nagging at the back of your mind, like.......1. Why does mom procrastinate? 2. Why does Cali feel compelled to alphabetize the spices? 3. Why doesn't Shiloh feel compelled to alpahbetize her children.....'s books? 4. Is Cami a people pleaser? 5. What makes Jesse such a beautiful person? 6. Is Skye really stubborn or just always right? 6. Why is Hillary........ Hillary? 7. What makes Cody such a peacemaker?
Those answers and many more can be found inside this little book. Start today for as little as $0.10 cents (plus shipping and handling from to really understand people. It's fun and it will improve all of your relationships, even the ones that don't need improving.
Happy reading!
Since this is a very short book I will be able to start discussion on it on Monday, Nov. 29th.
Love you,