Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First physical bookclub meeting

It has been a crazy busy year for those of the 7 gals book club. Three babies, a surgery, training for races, moving around, adopting teenagers, and lets not forget Little Brother's homecoming. That all made fro a pretty intense summer and fall. But though we are all preparing for our trip to Florida, and though many are still race training, it seems things have slowed down quite a bit. And by popular demand the book club is back.

The book we will be reading is a choice by Cami. "The Hunger Games," By Suzanne Collins. They are incredibly popular, and every library has 10 copies in stock (at least). Cami had me read them when they first came out, and though I was skeptical, well see my blog for details.

The discussion for this book will be different, instead of just posting our comments we will be having a real sit down discussion while everyone is in Florida, (hey it's something to read on the plane). It will most likely be held Sunday after everyone has rested from the race, but are still too tired to do any real activities. The men can take the kiddos and we can have a grown up tea party, (Delicious themed Refreshments provided by myself, Hillary, and Cami if she isn't too tired help).

Come prepared to answer these two questions.

1. Who is your favorite character and why? What of his/ her characteristics reminds you of yourself?

2. How many steps down do you think our government would have to take to be in that ridiculous state? Is it something that you can actually see happening in the next 100 years? (Not the games themselves, but the strength of the capital and the oppression of the remaining states?)

And please bring a thought stimulating question of your own. A nifty little door prize goes to the person who has agreeably the best question.

I hope you are all on board for this, I think it would be a lot of fun. And if you aren't on board, it's your loss, Cami, Cali, and I will still have a great time. Happy reading, and may the odds be ever in your favor.