Friday, March 28, 2014

Skye's cast for A Most Peculiar Circumstance

Like mom, I pictured both modern and old actors in different roles so I did a modern cast and a classic cast.See my review of this book here.

Arabella Beckett - She may be happy-go-lucky at times, but she takes her involvement in the suffragist movement very seriously. She is described as friendly and kind with blond hair and a beautiful face. She is 24-years-old and has a fiery side when provoked. Who better than the feisty Ginger Rogers?

For a modern cast I thought of Hillary Duff.

Theodore Wilder - Private detective. Said to be the most handsome man in all of New York City (at least in the year 1888). Yet he also has the reputation as one of the most chauvinist. Of course he falls for Arabella, local leader of the suffrage movement. The way he was described in the book made me think of Armie Hammer. 

With a classic cast I pictured Nelson Eddy...
Or maybe even Errol Flynn.

Agatha Watson - Arabella's feminist friend who not only supports female suffrage, but also has a job as a journalist (shocking!). Granted, she has to write using a male pseudonym to get published. I first pictured her looking like Victoria Hamilton when her dark hair and thick eyebrows were described, but since Victoria Hamilton is too old to play a 19-year-old girl I decided to "cast" fellow Brit, Lily Collins.  
For a classic cast, I settled on Olivia de Haviland.

Zayne Beckett - Arabella's older brother who breaks hearts wherever he goes. He may be the most eligible bachelor in NYC (along with his best friend, Theodore Wilder), but he has no plans to settle down any time soon. He's also close friends with Agatha. Charismatic and handsome:

Clayton Snyder

Lady Eliza - Although she was born into the British aristocracy, Eliza moved to NYC and married the oldest of the Beckett siblings, Hamilton. While not involved in the suffragist movement like Arabella and Agatha, she is fiercely independent and extremely wealthy. While she is described as beautiful, she's not quite as striking as Agatha or Arabella with her red hair and sparse freckles. I decided on British actress Evanna Lynch. 

And Rita Hayworth

Gloria Beckett - Although older, she's still pretty. Since her life's goal is to see all of her children married, she does a lot of interfering and scheming. While she is supportive of the suffrage movement, she is not involved like Arabella is. 
Joan Allen

Minna Gombell

James - The villain whose last name I just can't remember. This mentally deranged kidnapper preys on beautiful women, typically prostitutes.
While Jimmy Stewart is known for his loveable characters like "George Bailey", he also played a few bad guys. He actually carried off the part of a psychopath (even if just for a moment) quite well in After the Thin Man

I don't know what it is about Kellan Lutz, but he creeps me out so I figured he make a good bad guy.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Steelheart - As Cast by Mom

I haven't quite finished this book, but unless they introduce a new character in the last couple of chapters I think I am safe. I originally thought about doing a "Cast from the Past" since I really am not up on current actors and actresses, but I decided to make this more of a challenge for me and look up some current stars. I may do a second post later with my "Cast from the Past". We'll see.

The High Epics -

STEELHEART - Steelheart is described as having an inhumanly large and strong chest. He was nearly seven feet tall with jet-black hair. He is impervious to bullets and other weapons. He can release yellow-white energy from his hand that vaporizes. When he is angry, he can transform inanimate things around him into steel. This does not affect living things. He has incredible strength, can command the winds, and fly with perfect control. He has a perfect memory.   My first thought was Tom Selleck but I needed him to be a little younger, then I realized that my choice makes perfect sense. I chose the Man of Steel. Henry Cavill.

CONFLUX - One of Steelheart's elite 3, a gifter or "Transference" Epic. He creates enormous stores of energy from his body. He is used to power the city. He's an "old Indian man" whose name is Edmund Sense. He accidentally killed his wife while trying to power the microwave.  I realize they probably meant "Native of India" but I thought Americanizing it would be good, so I chose one of my 2 favorite Native American Actors. (Eric Schweig is too young to be an "Old Man", *Sigh*. but I still love Uncas.) I had to go with Graham Green.

NIGHTWEILDER -  Another member of Steelheart's elite three. He causes perpetual darkness, is a physically shadowy figure with an incorporeal form. He can move through solid objects and control darkness. He is immune to gunfire or any type of weapon. He can control the mist of darkness he creates and solidify it. UV waves weaken him and makes him corporeal. He has Asian features and black shoulder-length hair. The smell of phosphorous is a sign of him using his powers. He rarely speaks during business interactions.
I chose this actor because; #1 - I love his work and he says volumes with just his facial expressions, also, he's cool enough to pull of the immune to gunfire/move through objects stuff. #2 - I'm a sucker for Korean/American Actors; #3. If I'm gonna be stuck in perpetual darkness let it be with him! Haha!
 - Daniel Day Kim                 

FORTUITY - Fortuity has precognition powers. He can sense the future and danger. He also has secondary superhuman reflexes and dexterity. He was a moderately high-ranking Epic. He had a long face and hawkish nose. His weakness is that his danger sense is weakened if he is attracted to you.  My choice and why - he is a very good actor, he's a big guy and - well,.... eye candy. - Ryan McPartlin

FIREFIGHT - Firefight is a member of Steelheart's elite three and his bodyguard. He is supposed to be a Fire Epic. David figured out that he is actually an illusion created by the real "Firefight" who is actually a powerful Illusionist. He is a photon-manipulator illusionist. The illusion of Firefight is that there is no description and if I put the real photo it will spoil the ending.

The Reckoners: 

DAVID CHARLESTON - An 18 yr. old with a grudge and very bad metaphors who is athletic, good with a gun, and very smart. After his dad was killed by Steelheart, he researched Epics and their weaknesses. He designed a plan to kill Steelheart, and was eventually recruited by the Reckoners.  I know this actor played a bad guy in Hunger Games, but he makes the perfect David. - Alexander Ludwig

PROF - aka Jonathan Phaedrus, usually referred to as Prof, is the leader of the Reckoners, a group which hunts down and kills Epics. Before Calamity he was a 5th grade science teacher. For this reason I tried to find an older guy who I could see teaching elementary school and being a favorite with the kids. I had to go with Gibbs, the guy we all know has unseen powers; Call it a gut feeling - Mark Harmon.

MEGAN - she's young (19), beautiful, blonde and deadly. She's good with guns or grenades and can run, jump and fight with the best of them.  She appears to have a genuine hatred for epics, however supports Steelheart for the stability he brings. She actively works with the Reckoners towards their goal to defeat Steelheart.  She is a powerful woman, so I needed a young actress who could pull that off and more (as you will find out if you read the book). - Since JLaw will be busy filming Cress, I chose Anna Sophia Robb.

ABRAHAM -  a black Canadian with a slight French accent. Abraham is usually a soft spoken person. This is contrasted by the fact that Abraham apparently has a fondness for large guns. He is very Tech talented.  - Djimon Hounsou ( I love his work) 

TIA - Little is known about Tia other than being good with weapons, like all Reckoners, she has Red hair, glasses, is very smart and seems to be Prof's right hand man. Does most of the Planning/paperwork. - I wanted her to be in her late 20's, early 30's and to be a bombshell to counter the genius in her - I chose Bryce Dallas Howard.

CODY - Described as 'wirey', he loves weapons, speaking in a fake Scottish accent, making up stories and used to be a cop. He tends to be the comic relief to Tia's seriousness. Let's go out on a limb for this one and choose - Dominic Monaghan (No, I don't know who he is, but he was in Lord of the Ring and he looks the part.)

The only Other Character I thought of casting was The Arms dealer, Diamond. He seems a little bumbling, but knows his stuff. I like "Big Mike" from Chuck - Mark Christopher Lawrence

There you have it, Cindy's cast of Steelheart. This was fun and I now have Ideas floating around in my head for other books. Haha! Just what I need.  
(BTW- if we ever cast the Book of Mormon, I think Henry would make a great Nephi.)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My cast For Cress by Marissa Meyer

This was so much fun. Thanks for the assignment, and since Marissa Meyer just signed the movie deal for Cinder it will be interesting to see if any one is cast the way I pictured them. As long as Joss Whedon is the director I will be happy. So without further ado here is my cast for Book three of the Lunar Chronicles, CRESS by Marissa Meyer.

Book Club Assignment
LIHN CINDER- The adopted 16 year old mechanic stands out in the city of New Beijing not just because of her robotic limbs that she keeps hidden beneath gloves and cargo pants, but also because of her fugitive status. Her manufactured hand, leg, and brain interface makes her an indispensible asset and leader to her little band of rebels.
My choice to play cinder based solely on looks would be Azama Mew, after all Cinder’s description was inspired by her; but alas she is a bit too old, and her English not quite good enough for an American film. So I would have to settle on the younger but just as pretty and talented Kelsey Chow.
Kelsey Chow                         Azama Mew

EMPEROR KAITO-  At age 18 Kaito was unprepared to become the emporer of the Eastern Commonwealth, but after the death of his father the Emporer Rikan he has the weight of an entire contenent on his shoulders. In the book Cinder Kai is described as a celebrity who has to wear a hoodie in public on the hotteset of days to keep from being mobbed. With a dreamy smile, rich brown eyes, and shiny black hair that falls in his eyes. I could only picture one man as the resident prince of New Beijing. Lee Min Ho.

However once again we have an issue, not with age (though 26 he played a teenager this past year and pulled it off) but the fact that his English is one of the most atrocious things I have ever heard. Were he cast in the roll of Kai you would have to have subtitles just to understand his English. So because this assignment was for casting and not for who we picture in the roll I would have to cast Ok Taecyeon. A fantastic actor who spent his formative years in Massachusetts and speaks English flawlessly. His acting and rapping abilities have made him a Korean superstar. 

SCARLET BENOIT- Raised on a farm by her tough ex-military grandmother, Scarlet doesn’t take crap from anybody. 18 years old and packs her own concealed weapon under her red hoodie, Scarlet can hold her own. This feisty character is described in multiple references as curvy with red curly hair and freckles.  She has been by far the hardest for me to cast, because I want an actress that not only looks the part, but can embody it well. I was torn between two actresses I thought could both do the part well. But I eventually settled on everybody’s favorite curvy tough girl, Jennifer Lawrence. (The other was Georgie Henely, but she just looks too soft.) I like Jennifer Lawrence in this roll, because she is comfortable with her curves. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. She knows that she’s big by Hollywood standards and owns it. At one time she even told a manager to go do something terrible to himself when she was told to lose weight for a part. Having struggled with an eating disorder off and on since college, I find Jennifer Lawrence inspiring, this quote imparticular.
“In Hollywood I am obese – I am considered a fat actress and I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress without anorexia rumors. I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I am invincible! I don’t want little girls to be like Oh, I want to look like Katniss so I’m gonna skip dinner.” This is the kind of self confidence needed behind the role of Scarlet Benoit. And I can’t picture her as anyone else.  Fun fact: she downed a foot long philly cheese steak sandwich in the middle of an interview in her dressing room whilst wearing that red dress.

ALPHA ZE’VE KESLEY “WOLF”- Wolf is a street fighter who cannot sit still to save his life. The only main character without a definitive age, he seems to come off a bit older than the rest. 24-28ish would be my guess. Described as rugged and scarred with brown hair that sticks up at several different angles and eyes “unnaturally green, like sour grapes still on the vine.” Wolf is one of my favorite characters in the series he is feral and violent when necessary and all other times quiet and introverted. A dynamic that simultaneously helps you build interest in this character and hints at his mysterious origin. My choice of actor to play wolf would have to be the ruggedly handsome - Tyler Hoechlin. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

CAPTAIN CARSWELL THORNE- A perfect hybrid of firefly’s Captain Mal, and Tangled’s Flynn Rider, Carswell Thorne is a self obsessed womanizing thief, who would be rotting in New Beijing prison if it weren’t for Cinder. He is 20 years old and described merely as handsome, with swoon worthy blue eyes. I also assume he has a thick head of hair given the growth rate of his facial hair in the book CRESS. So in the role of Carswell Thorne I would cast Matt Lanter. (yes I am aware he’s in his thirties, but he still plays a teenager on TV and in Hollywood getting him to pull off 20 would be a cinch)

CRESCENT MOON DARNELL “CRESS”- A girl who has never set foot on Earth and spent the last seven years of her life alone on a satellite, Cress is a 16 year old computer genius and the title character of the third book in the Lunar chronicles. She has never been allowed anything sharp on her satellite so her hair is out of control. Blond, frizzy, and knee length later in the book it is cut short. She is incredibly pale (after all her skin has never seen sunlight) and petite, with round blue eyes. For the character of cress I have chosen the young, but unbelievably talented Sophie Nelisse. Her work in the book thief blew me away and if they could make her look 7 years old in that film, surely they can age her three years and make her look 16 in this one.

PRINCESS WINTER- Winter is a 16 year old princess who lives on the moon. Our resident Snow White and stepdaughter of the evil Lunar queen Levana is only introduced in the last few pages of Cress. Black, beautiful, and insane her short cameo in this book was enough to leave me with chills and hanging on the edge of my seat for the next book which is Winter. Based solely on her appearance in this book I would actually cast Zendaya. Though with her happy go lucky Disney background I’m not sure she has the acting chops to pull off such a seriously insane character, but her look is spot on.

JACIN CLAY- The princess Winter’s loyal guard who seems to feel a bit more than loyalty towards her is the other main character without a definite age mentioned in the books. He falls in with Cinder and her band of rebels, but can he be trusted? A question I’m still asking myself a month after I’ve finished the book. Jacin is actually introduced in Cinder but doesn’t become a major player in the story until Cress. With longish blonde hair and a rippling physique it’s difficult not to picture Thor, but for sanities sake I will refrain from casting Chris Hemsworth in this role. Instead I would cast Bradley James. He was excellent as King Arthur in the Merlin series, and if he beefed up a bit I think he could play Jacin Clay and his dry humor very well.

QUEEN LEVANA- The unnaturally beautiful queen of the Lunar planet (The moon). She has killed her way up the bloody ladder of hierarchy to rule her little empire, and is now using her mind powers (her glamour as it is called in the books) to force Emperor Kai into a marital alliance. Becoming empress of the Eastern commonwealth is her first step to taking over the world.  A beautiful evil queen who seems to defy age can only be played by one woman in my opinion, Angelina Jolie.

HEAD THAUMATURGE SYBIL MIRA- The right hand of Queen Levana is described as beautiful and tall with dark hair. Her character is inherently wicked with a glamour ability rivaled only by Queen Levana’s and the princess Selene. Sybil is the master and owner of young Cress (Repunzel’s Mother Gothel.) For this role I have chosen the talented, beautiful, and classically trained Elena Satine.

DR. DEMITRI ERLAND- The doctor hired by the royal family of the Eastern Commonwealth to find a cure for the Lunar plague Letumosis, the father of Crescent Moon, and Cinder’s friend and confidant (The fairy godmother character). He is described as short and thin with round glasses, clear blue eyes, and a grey balding head that he covers with a cap. For Dr. Erland I can only picture and cast Tony Amendola. His eyes aren’t blue, but it’s Hollywood and they can do amazing things.

IKO- Starts off as an android in Cinder, but after her body is destroyed her personality chip is used in Captain Thorne’s ship in Scarlet, and by the latter half of cress she finally gets the escort droid body she’s always dreamed of. As a robot sidekick with a faulty personality chip she is frequently used as the comic relief, gossiping, trying on jewelry and overheating in the presence hot guys. Iko is Cinder’s best friend. She is hard to cast because you need two actresses for her. So for her android/spaceship voice I chose the comedicaly talented Kristen Wiig, and for her escort droid body described as leggy, tan, and perfectly proportioned, I have chosen Freema Agyeman (She could also pull off the blue microbraids Iko wears).

 Droid form                                             Droid/Ship voice                                          Escort droid body

LIHN ADRI- The evil stepmother you almost feel bad for... almost. She is stern and regretful of ever taking Cinder in, and vain. Though her character is much more prominent in the book Cinder, she does make an appearance in Cress as well. I think Sandra Oh would be perfect for Adri.

ROYAL ADVISOR KONN TORIN-  The royal adviser to Emperor Kai has become sort of a father figure to the boy since Emperor Rikan’s passing. He’s the one standing behind the throne whispering good advice in the young emperor’s ear. The lynch pin in the governing of the Eastern Commonwealth. Without Torin, Kai would be lost, and the entire empire would fall to shambles. Other than being serious and skinny, there aren’t many descriptors given (truth be told I can’t think of any.) I think my choice for Torin would be George Takei. OH MY!

PRIYA THE ROYAL WEDDING PLANNER- Priya is on Kai’s side, but is executing her royal duty with precision and professionalism even though she knows his death awaits him at the altar. She is described as always wearing beautiful saris. From the moment she was introduced I’ve pictured her as Archie Panjabi; a phenomenal actress perfect for the role.

This was so much fun! I'm also planning on casting another book, but I'll let everyone else have a turn first. I hope you've enjoyed my picks.