Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Aren't You Reading These Books? - A review by Mom

As you girls know, I LOVE history and I love to read fiction. So my favorite reads have always been Historical Fiction, where actual people and events of the past are woven into the story. I have never been much of one for the futuristic, Sci-Fi genre of writing....... until now! 
The Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer are a definite MUST read!
Put these books on your summer "fun" reading list. 

 Yes, yes, I know Cinder just another take on the Cinderella Story, but this take is sooo much better than any of the others out there. I mean Cinderella is a dirty Cyborg mechanic? What could be further from your normal fairy tale than that? She meets the prince while at work, tries to save her stepsister from dying, becomes a fugitive from the law and is trying to save the world all at the age of 16 1/2. What more could you ask from a Mechanic? 

Then she meets Carswell Thorne. -
Things really start moving from this point as she hooks up with Scarlet, The Red Riding Hood of the series, as the wolves kill not only Scarlet's Grandmother, but a whole lot of other innocents. Why won't the queen just leave them be? And why is that cute Prince Kai from New Beijing being forced to marry someone so evil? 

The third book, Cress, doesn't slow down a bit. You find yourself almost holding your breath waiting for "The other shoe to drop" (pun intended). Cress (or traditionally Rapunzel) has been a prisoner for years but recently has become a secret ally of Cinder's and her band of misfits as they try to outwit an evil queen, stop a Royal Wedding and save the world.

Go ahead. Read it! I dare you to have some real reading fun this summer! Then you can be mad at me (or really Hillary) as the 4th and final book, Winter, is not due for release until Nov. of 2015. 
To hold you over until November, in January 2015 she is putting out 


Levana's Story
So, have a little fun this summer and enjoy some good reads. 
(Cinder and Scarlet were both very reasonably priced as E-Books)
You can read Hillary's excellent Reviews of Cinder and Scarlet here.