Saturday, September 20, 2014


So the results of the trivia questions are as follows:
Mom has earned 4 entries in the prize drawing
Cami has earned 3 entries
Hillary has earned 2 entries
Cali has earned 2 entries
The winner will receive a custom decorated library bag for use at the book store, library, or wherever. Thanks to everyone who participated!

And the winner is...................................................................CAMI!

Last Trivia Answer

Those were all good guesses. The answer, as mom said, is a car. An antique car to be exact. To be even more exact, Dirk Pitt always drives a classic car that is owned by the author Clive Cussler who is an antique car collector and enthusiast.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Trivia Question

What item is featured in every Dirk Pitt adventure novel written by author Clive Cussler? (Hint: The object can be found in the movie Sahara which is a Dirk Pitt adventure.)

Trivia Week 4 Answer

So there seems to be some confusion about the nature of the last question. Mainly, what is the definition of "book". The Fox and the Hound is a 1967 novel by Daniel P. Mannix and from what I have learned it is the most depressing novel ever to be made into a children's movie (which is rather depressing itself). Oliver and Company is actually based on the Dickens' classic Oliver Twist. Dodie Smith is the author of the 1956 children's novel 101 Dalmatians. That leaves The AristoCats, which, from what I have discovered, is the true story of French kitties that inherited a fortune and the subject of a short story from which Walt Disney Studios drew its inspiration. Since the question was worded "book" instead of "novel" there has been an appeal to accept all answers. What do y'all think?